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PHS Christmas Families 2019:

Wish-List: Doc Size: Last Updated:
Christmas Family Wish List 2018.xlsx 10.8 kb 12/13/18 (2:08 PM)
Individual - Geraldine Wish List 2018.xlsx 9.8 kb 12/13/18 (10:02 AM)

Please contact Melinda Hire with gift purchase updates.
  • Donations (cash/checks/gift cards/gifts) can be given to Greg Russell, Melinda Hire, Suzanne Simpson or Tina Church. (email Melinda when you buy something, she can update the list)
  • Items will be wrapped on Monday, 12/18.
  • Used items are welcomed, but please do not wrap used items - put those in a bag or box and leave unwrapped.
We appreciate any donations - and if you would like to donate used items, please leave those.


Our family this year is comprised of 6, including a father who was here to receive stem cell transplantation treatment; he is 35 years old, and underwent 6 weeks of therapy for Hodgkins lymphoma. Hodgkins greatly reduces a person's ability to fight off infection, so he has not been able to work since his diagnosis. He and his wife have 3 sons and a daughter, all 7 years of age or younger. When he was diagnosed, the family put items into storage and moved in with his brother; they had to sell some items (such as their television) to have gas money to travel to the hospital for treatments. The family fell behind on payments to the storage facility, and their items were sold. This family is basically starting from scratch; they have no table for meals (currently they sit on the floor while eating) and also own very few toys for the kids. Their list was very short - basic necessities of life - and we talked to the social worker and the mom to expand beyond what was originally there.

Senior Citizen:
We have been asked to help an 83 year old female; she was brought into the hospital with signs of abuse by her daughter. While in the hospital, her daughter cleaned out her bank account, and this lady was left with no savings. She is currently living in an assisted living facility, so some things (like sheets and towels) are provided for her, but she could certainly use some assistance with clothes and items for her room. Our social worker is gathering more information, so I expect her list to grow in the next day or two.

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