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PHS Downloads: Forms & Applications

Form Downloads:

Microsoft Software Requests
Download the WFUHS Campus Agreement Staff/Faculty User Acceptance Form >>
Please print, fill out, sign and bring with you to the Bookstore.

Wake Forest University has purchased licenses to certain Microsoft

Software and it is available to Staff/Faculty employees at a discounted rate. There are certain restrictions regarding obtaining and using this software and they are outlined in the downloadable form. This form is also available in the Bookstore located on the Ground Floor of Reynolds Tower (across from Dominos Pizza).

The following software is available for $50.00 each. Please note that if you purchase MS Office Pro 2003 it includes MS Publisher 2003.

  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Net Pro
  • Microsoft Frontpage 2003
  • Microsoft Publisher 2003
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2003

Each employee is responsible for completing the form and must pick-up the software in person.

ISF Surplus Computer Equipment Requests
Download the Request Form >>
Please print, fill out, sign and mail via inner-office mail to Deborah Ambrosini in WC22

Original memorandum sent from Dan Sintich to Information Services (ISF) LAN supported PHS Employees on June 25, 2003

The following policy describes how to request departmental surplus computer equipment for either “In-house use” or “At-home use”. This particular policy only applies to those employees that are presently receiving their computer support from Information Services (IS).

PHS Administration and our IS Support Technician will identify computer equipment that will be considered as being “surplus” to the department’s needs. Departmental surplus computer equipment, under this program, will be considered as being “loaned” to an employee and therefore must be returned to the department at some time in the future. This equipment may be utilized in addition to other issued equipment in one’s office, (“In-house”/work location) or may be used at an employee’s personal residence, (“At-home”/location). Requests for “In-house”/work location surplus computer equipment will always be given precedence over any requests for “At-home/location” surplus computer equipment.

Employees interested in obtaining a surplus piece of computer equipment from this program should contact Deborah Ambrosini in WC22, ext. 3-5167, for a copy of the “ISF Surplus Computer Equipment Request Form”. Upon completion and return to Deborah Ambrosini in WC22, an individual’s request will be considered and granted on a “first-come, first-served" basis as surplus computer equipment becomes available.

If the equipment is available, the employee will then be asked to consider and agree to the following:

1) The equipment remains the sole property of the Department of Public Health Sciences. It is only on “loan”.

2) Once an employee is terminated, submits resignation, or is transferred from PHS, he/she must return the equipment immediately to PHS. The employee will be expected to make arrangements with the PHS IS Support Technician and return the item(s) to the PPII loading dock.

3) If the equipment is requested for an “In-House”/work location and it fails to operate, a work order to IS should be placed to request repair.

  • Surplus equipment remaining “In-House” will be supported by the PHS IS technical support staff.
  • If the equipment is not repairable and a replacement piece of equipment is not immediately available, the employee will be notified that their request will be put on the waiting list.

4) If the equipment is requested for use at an “At-home/location”, the employee will be personally responsible for arranging and paying for all upgrades, repairs, installation, and general maintenance. (Please note: Obtaining surplus computer equipment from PHS does not constitute approval to work at home. All PHS work done outside of PHS office space must have the prior approval of your supervisor).

  • Before equipment is made available for (At-Home/location”) use, it will be cleaned of all WFUHS software and information.
  • Employees will be required to personally purchase, install and maintain their own software including operating system.
  • If the equipment is requested for use “At-home” and becomes non-repairable or too expensive to repair, it should be returned by the employee to PHS. An IS work order cannot be placed to request “At-home” repair.
  • If a replacement piece of equipment is not immediately available, the employee will be notified that their request will be placed on the waiting list.

Once an employee is notified of the availability of a requested piece of surplus computer equipment, the employee will be responsible for making arrangements, with the PHS Information Services Technician to pick up the items from the Piedmont Plaza II loading dock. After the Services Tech. brings the item(s) to the loading dock, the IS Tech. will ask the employee to finish completing the “ISF Surplus Computer Equipment Request Form”. The IS Technician has been informed that he will not be expected to be involved with the loading or additional handling of the equipment, delivering equipment to a personal residence or repairing equipment at a personal residence. Also, he will not be required to answer any questions about any aspects or properties of the equipment. All equipment is being “loaned” in an “as is” condition. No surplus computer equipment, that is consciously known to have been defective and/or un-repairable, will be part of this program.

If you have any questions regarding this surplus computer equipment lending program please address them to Deborah Ambrosini (3-5167).

RSF/RSD Surplus PC Request Process

PC’s that were collected during the first phase of our PC replacement process are now available for individuals who have need of additional PC resources. If you feel you need additional PC resources, please follow the procedures outlined below. Please keep in mind that these systems are the ones being replaced by the new systems and therefore are not high-end systems themselves. Those systems that do NOT meet the minimum specifications for being put on the network will be targeted for ‘home’ use. Yes, that’s right, ‘home’ use. Again I caution users that these systems are not high-end systems. If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please see your zone technician or contact Scott Rushing.

1) Requesting a surplus PC for office use:


a. Get supervisor approval to obtain a surplus PC.

b. Download and complete the SURPLUS PC (Office Use) form

c. Return the completed form to Scott Rushing

d. Once we have received your request, it will be processed, along with any others that we receive. We will evaluate each request and will respond to you shortly. If a system is available to you, a work request will be initiated for the zone technician to perform the install.


2) Requesting a surplus PC for home use:


a. Download and complete the SURPLUS PC (Home Use) form

b. Return the completed form to Scott Rushing

c. When a system becomes available for you, we will notify you of the configuration. If you choose to accept the PC, we will arrange a time for you to pick up the unit. Technically these systems are still owned by the School and could be recalled at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Systems being provided as ‘home’ use come with NO software, NO support and NO installation. You will need to make your own arrangements for installation and setup and will need to purchase any software you will need, such as operating systems, word processing packages, etc.

Application Downloads:

Download: Type: Created By:
Dynamic multichain graphical model (DMGM) Application Edward Ip
Simulation-Based Assessment of Cognition (SIMBAC) Application Edward Ip
Mobility Assessment Tool (MAT) Application Ryan Barnard

SNPLASH (includes the following)

  • Dandelion
  • Dprime
Open Sourced Project Carl Langefeld's Group
SNPDoc Open Sourced Project Carl Langefeld's Group

R codes of
Applied Psychological Measurement (2012)

R (zip) Shyh-Huei Chen

Normal Exp Power
This program provides the sample size inflation necessary when using an estimate of the variance

Executable (exe) Doug Case, Tim Morgan
Anova Java Applet jar file Edward Ip
Interaction in regression (Teaching Aid) Flash Shockwave file Edward Ip
Splus Codes Word Document Edward Ip
Diastolic (Teaching Aid) Flash Shockwave file Edward Ip
Systolic (Teaching Aid) Flash Shockwave file Edward Ip
Multivariate Discrete Hidden Markov Model
PDF Download Edward Ip / Peter Zhang


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