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PHS Division Directory  (56)

Anderson, Barbara  EPI banderso@wakehealth.edu  66851  PLAZ1 
Andrews, Carol  EPI cjandrew@wakehealth.edu     
Ard, Jamy EPI jard@wakehealth.edu  69837  VINE, 5114 
Arias, Mariela  EPI mnarias@wakehealth.edu  69470  VINE, 5139 
Bancks, Michael  EPI mbancks@wakehealth.edu  69736  5th Floor, 
Bennett, Denise  EPI dboyles@wakehealth.edu  69020  PLAZ1, 104 
Bertoni, Alain EPI abertoni@wakehealth.edu  62824  VINE, 5109 
Blackwell, Bridgette EPI bblackwe@wakehealth.edu  62831  VINE, 5159 
Blaine, Rhonda  EPI rblaine@wakehealth.edu  30186  VINE, 5105 
Boothe, Stephanie  EPI     5th Floor, 
Bowman, Anna  EPI annbowma@wakehealth.edu  62476  5th Floor, 
Campbell, Chuck EPI chcampbe@wakehealth.edu  63915  VINE, 5202 
Carroll, Lauren  EPI lacarrol@wakehealth.edu  37663  525 Vine,  
Crago, Lenore EPI lcrago@wakehealth.edu  61404  VINE, 5152 
Curran, Claudine EPI ccurran@wakehealth.edu  30187  VINE, 5117 
Curran, Joseph  EPI jcurran@wakehealth.edu  69267  VINE, 5153 
Daniels, Taylor  EPI tadaniel@wakehealth.edu    525 Vine,  
Davis, Tiffany  EPI tbdavis@wakehealth.edu    525 Vine,  
Del Valle-Fagan, Thania  EPI tdvallef@wakehealth.edu  66803  PLAZ2, 103 
Dezern, Kimberly  EPI kdezern@wakehealth.edu  31145  PLAZ2, 102 
Evans, Grahame  EPI gfevans@wakehealth.edu  33077  VINE, 5229 
Fernandez, Luisa  EPI lfernan@wakehealth.edu  62498  VINE, 5148 
Fulmer, Artie  EPI afulmer@wakehealth.edu  35198  VINE, 3170 
Grubb, Angela  EPI agrubb@wakehealth.edu  35281  PLAZ2, 102 
Hill, Kerrigan  EPI knhill@wakehealth.edu    525 Vine,  
Holloman, Anjuna  EPI aholloma@wakehealth.edu  31854  PLAZ2, 103 
Irby, Megan  EPI mirby@wakehealth.edu     
Jensen, Elizabeth EPI ejensen@wakehealth.edu  33132  VINE, 5121 
Keasler, Lisa EPI lkeasler@wakehealth.edu  60387  VINE, 5208 
Kiger, Heather  EPI hkiger@wakehealth.edu  65411  PLAZ2, 103 
King, Staci  EPI scking@wakehealth.edu  33819  PLAZ1, 104 
Lewis, Kristina EPI khlewis@wakehealth.edu  33234  VINE, 5118 
Li, Yabing  EPI yabingli@wakehealth.edu  60828  VINE, 5210 
Martin, Martha  EPI mamartin@wakehealth.edu  60202  PLAZ2, 102 
Melius, Kathryn  EPI kaltizer@wakehealth.edu  67404  PLAZ2, 102 
Mitchell, Charlie  EPI cdmitche@wakehealth.edu    525@Vine,  
Mongraw-Chaffin, Morgana EPI mmongraw@wakehealth.edu  33108  VINE, 5125 
Newman, Chelsea  EPI cmnewman@wakehealth.edu    525 Vine,  
Ospino-Sanchez, Beatriz  EPI bospinos@wakehealth.edu  66498  VINE, 5155 
Pardy, Mariana  EPI mpardy@wakehealth.edu    525@Vine,  
Quandt, Sara EPI squandt@wakehealth.edu  66015  VINE, 5116 
Randazzo, Aliza  EPI arandazz@wakehealth.edu    Plaza II,  
Reynolds, Lindsay EPI lireynol@wakehealth.edu  31134  VINE, 5221 
Riddle, Paula  EPI priddle@wakehealth.edu  69721  PLAZ1, 101 
Robinson, Christine  EPI chrirobi@wakehealth.edu  35068  PLAZ2, 102 
Simpson, Suzanne EPI susimpso@wakehealth.edu  65727  VINE, 5102 
Smith, Susan  EPI sussmith@wakehealth.edu  61979  PLAZ1, 103 
Sprinkle, Ha EPI hsprink@wakehealth.edu  64520  VINE, 5103 
Sprinkle, Hannah  EPI hsprinkl@wakehealth.edu  68747  VINE, 5138 
Sprinkle, Joseph  EPI jmsprink@wakehealth.edu    525 Vine,  
Thomas, Carol  EPI carthoma@wakehealth.edu  65742  PLAZ1, 105 
Tymchishyn, Tatyana  EPI ttymchis@wakehealth.edu  66854  PLAZ1, 105 
Udom, Jennifer  EPI judom@wakehealth.edu  66135  PLAZ2, 103 
Vega, Amanda  EPI avega@wakehealth.edu  67396  P1, Suite  
Vitolins, Mara EPI mvitolin@wakehealth.edu  62886  VINE, 5107 
Young, Caroline EPI cblackwe@wakehealth.edu  34061  VINE, 5142 

PHS SeminarsUpcoming Events
A Gift for You in 2021:
Strategies for Renewal and Resilience »

Janet Dombrowski, MHA
02/02/2021, 7-8:30 p.m.
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Identifying and managing threats to validity (DAGS and other causal inference methods) *Registration required: https://redcap.link/berd02102021 »
Elizabeth Jensen, MPH, PhD
02/10/2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design (BERD)

A Gift for You in 2021
Strategies for Renewal and Resilience »

Janet Dombrowski, MHA
02/11/2021, Noon-1:30 p.m.
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Study Design Part I: Experimental Study Designs *Registration required: https://redcap.wakehealth.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=RPTNWEAXJ3 »
Emily Dressler, PhD
02/24/2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design (BERD)

Race and Racism in the Nutrition Literature »
Christopher Duggan, MD, MPH
03/02/2021, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Public Health Sciences

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