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Sabina B Gesell , PhD
Assistant Professor

Gesell, Sabina B

Department of Social Sciences & Health Policy
Division of Public Health Sciences
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Administrative Contact:
Room Number: 4127
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

Telephone: 336-713-8738
Email: sgesell@wfubmc.edu

B.A. (Psychology) Vassar College, 1993
M.A. (Social Psychology) University of Notre Dame, 1997
Ph.D. (Social Psychology) University of Notre Dame, 1999

- Obesity prevention in childhood and pregnancy
- Application of social network methods to health interventions
- Patient-centered care

PUBLICATIONS (10 most recent):
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Karp SM;Barry KM;Gesell SB;Po'e EK;Dietrich MS;Barkin SL;  Parental feeding patterns and child weight status for Latino preschoolers; Obes Res Clin Pract ; 2014 Jan; 8:e88-e97
Aragon SJ;Richardson LJ;Lawrence W;Gesell SB;  Nurses' Patient-Centeredness and Perceptions of Care among Medicaid Patients in Hospital Obstetrical Units; Nurs Res Pract ; 2013; 2013:563282-
Gesell SB;Barkin SL;Valente TW;  Social network diagnostics: a tool for monitoring group interventions; Implement Sci; 2013; 8:116-
Gesell SB;Sommer EC;Lambert EW;Vides de Andrade AR;Whitaker L;Davis L;Beech BM;Mitchell SJ;Arinze N;Neloms S;Ryan CK;Barkin SL;  Comparative effectiveness of after-school programs to increase physical activity; J Obes; 2013; 2013:576821-
Barkin SL;Gesell SB;Po'e EK;Escarfuller J;Tempesti T;  Culturally tailored, family-centered, behavioral obesity intervention for Latino-American preschool-aged children; Pediatrics; 2012 Sep; 130:445-456
Gesell SB;Tesdahl E;Ruchman E;  The distribution of physical activity in an after-school friendship network; Pediatrics; 2012 Jun; 129:1064-1071
Po'e EK;Neureiter C;Escarfuller J;Gesell SB;Tempesti T;Widman P;Barkin SL;  Systematic exposure to recreation centers increases use by Latino families with young children; Child Obes; 2012 Apr; 8:116-123
Gesell SB;Bess KD;Barkin SL;  Understanding the Social Networks That Form within the Context of an Obesity Prevention Intervention; J Obes; 2012; 2012:749832-
Coenen KR;Karp SM;Gesell SB;Dietrich MS;Morgan TM;Barkin SL;  Genetic risk score does not correlate with body mass index of Latina women in a clinical trial; Clin Transl Sci; 2011 Oct; 4:323-327
Ruiz R;Gesell SB;Buchowski MS;Lambert W;Barkin SL;  The relationship between hispanic parents and their preschool-aged children's physical activity; Pediatrics; 2011 May; 127:888-895

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Recent Publications:

Common variation in COL4A1/COL4A2 is associated with sporadic cerebral small vessel disease

Neurology, 2015 Mar 3,
Rannikmae K;Davies G;Thomson PA;Bevan S;Devan WJ;Falcone GJ;Traylor M;Anderson CD;Battey TW;Radmanesh F;Deka R;Woo JG;Martin LJ;Jimenez-Conde J;Selim M;Brown DL;Silliman SL;Kidwell CS;Montaner J;Langefeld CD;Slowik A;Hansen BM;Lindgren AG;Meschia JF;Fornage M;Bis JC;Debette S;Ikram MA;Longstreth WT;Schmidt R;Zhang CR;Yang Q;Sharma P;Kittner SJ;Mitchell BD;Holliday EG;Levi CR;Attia J;Rothwell PM;Poole DL;Boncoraglio GB;Psaty BM;Malik R;Rost N;Worrall BB;Dichgans M;Van AT;Woo D;Markus HS;Seshadri S;Rosand J;Sudlow CL;


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