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PHS Publications & Abstracts

By default the 10 most recent publications are shown in alphabetical order by primary title. Enter your search criteria in the orange box to the right to return other publications.

Miller MR;Peters TR;Suerken CK;Snively BM;Poehling KA;  Predictors of Influenza Diagnosis among Patients with Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza; J Infect Dis; 2015 May 4;
Raynor HA;Anderson AM;Miller GD;Reeves R;Delahanty LM;Vitolins MZ;Harper P;Mobley C;Konersman K;Mayer-Davis E;  Partial Meal Replacement Plan and Quality of the Diet at 1 Year: Action for Health in Diabetes (Look AHEAD) Trial; J Acad Nutr Diet; 2015 May; 115:731-742
Wing RR;Tate D;LaRose JG;Gorin AA;Erickson K;Robichaud EF;Perdue L;Bahnson J;Espeland MA;  Frequent self-weighing as part of a constellation of healthy weight control practices in young adults; Obesity (Silver Spring); 2015 May; 23:943-949
Marx N;Rosenstock J;Kahn SE;Zinman B;Kastelein JJ;Lachin JM;Espeland MA;Bluhmki E;Mattheus M;Ryckaert B;Patel S;Johansen OE;Woerle HJ;  Design and baseline characteristics of the CARdiovascular Outcome Trial of LINAgliptin Versus Glimepiride in Type 2 Diabetes (CAROLINA(R)); Diab Vasc Dis Res; 2015 May; 12:164-174
Agarwal SK;Chao J;Peace F;Judd SE;Kissela B;Kleindorfer D;Howard VJ;Howard G;Soliman EZ;  Premature ventricular complexes on screening electrocardiogram and risk of ischemic stroke; Stroke ; 2015 May; 46:1365-1367
Rannikmae K;Davies G;Thomson PA;Bevan S;Devan WJ;Falcone GJ;Traylor M;Anderson CD;Battey TW;Radmanesh F;Deka R;Woo JG;Martin LJ;Jimenez-Conde J;Selim M;Brown DL;Silliman SL;Kidwell CS;Montaner J;Langefeld CD;Slowik A;Hansen BM;Lindgren AG;Meschia JF;Fornage M;Bis JC;Debette S;Ikram MA;Longstreth WT;Schmidt R;Zhang CR;Yang Q;Sharma P;Kittner SJ;Mitchell BD;Holliday EG;Levi CR;Attia J;Rothwell PM;Poole DL;Boncoraglio GB;Psaty BM;Malik R;Rost N;Worrall BB;Dichgans M;Van AT;Woo D;Markus HS;Seshadri S;Rosand J;Sudlow CL;  Common variation in COL4A1/COL4A2 is associated with sporadic cerebral small vessel disease; Neurology; 2015 Mar 3; 84:918-926
Park SK;Adar SD;O'Neill MS;Auchincloss AH;Szpiro A;Bertoni AG;Navas-Acien A;Kaufman JD;Diez-Roux AV;  Long-term exposure to air pollution and type 2 diabetes mellitus in a multiethnic cohort; Am J Epidemiol; 2015 Mar 1; 181:327-336
Arcury TA;Trejo G;Suerken CK;Grzywacz JG;Ip EH;Quandt SA;  Work and health among latina mothers in farmworker families; J Occup Environ Med; 2015 Mar; 57:292-299
Martins M;Williams AH;Comeau M;Marion M;Ziegler JT;Freedman BI;Merrill JT;Glenn SB;Kelly JA;Sivils KM;James JA;Guthridge JM;Alarcon-Riquelme ME;Bae SC;Kim JH;Kim D;Anaya JM;Boackle SA;Criswell LA;Kimberly RP;Alarcon GS;Brown EE;Vila LM;Petri MA;Ramsey-Goldman R;Niewold TB;Tsao BP;Gilkeson GS;Kamen DL;Jacob CO;Stevens AM;Gaffney PM;Harley JB;Langefeld CD;Fesel C;  Genetic association of CD247 (CD3zeta) with SLE in a large-scale multiethnic study; Genes Immun; 2015 Mar; 16:142-150
Kamel H;Bartz TM;Longstreth WT;Okin PM;Thacker EL;Patton KK;Stein PK;Gottesman RF;Heckbert SR;Kronmal RA;Elkind MS;Soliman EZ;  Association between left atrial abnormality on ECG and vascular brain injury on MRI in the Cardiovascular Health Study; Stroke ; 2015 Mar; 46:711-716
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PHS SeminarsUpcoming Events
Professional Burnout: Prevalence, Causes, Consequences and Mitigating Strategies »
Liselotte (Lotte) Dyrbye MD, MHPE
Comprehensive Cancer Center, 10th floor, Room 10B & C
09/18/2019, 12:00 - 1;00 p.m.
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Implementing the NHLBI Strategic Vision in the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences »
David Goff, MD, PhD
Medical Center Boardroom
09/20/2019, 7:30 a.m.
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Proven Paths to Reducing the Causes and Consequences of Food Insecurity in the U.S. »
Craig Gundersen, Ph.D.
Bowman Gray Medical Education Building, 5th Floor, Classroom 5107
09/26/2019, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Some Prevention Paradoxes, and their Policy Implications »
Beverly J. Levine, PhD
Conf Room 4001, 4th flr, 525@Vine
09/26/2019, 12:00 - 1;00 p.m.
Social Sciences & Health Policy

William R. Hazzard, MD Translational Research in Aging Symposium; Healthy Aging for All: Addressing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health and Function »
Jennifer J. Manly, PhD - Keynote Speaker
Arbor Acres Retirement Community, 1240 Arbor Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104
09/27/2019, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Public Health Sciences

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